Posted by: susankayjones | May 25, 2012


On Monday, I returned to Dallas where I will be living until God calls us elsewhere. The transition so far has been great. For the first 2 days, it felt more like I am visiting, but quickly, I am establishing a routine (ish), learning my way around and growing in excitement to become Carlos’ wife and get involved in ministry opportunities here!

I have felt so blessed throughout this transition. My final week in Guatemala was filled with mixed emotions, but the Lord was gracious to let me feel the depths of sadness, grieving the end of a beautiful season, while also experiencing great excitement and anticipation for that which He is calling me and joy for what He allowed me to be a part of during my time in Guatemala.

It is such an odd place to live with such contradicting emotions…but I suppose that Is a bit like life here on earth for believers. While we hurt, enjoy, grieve, laugh, work, love and generally live in paradox here on earth, we continually long for heaven and the return of Christ so that all will be restored to its original glory. We are constantly living in paradox.

I could not feel more blessed right now. I am exactly where I am supposed to be…I have no doubt. Thank you so much for your prayers!


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