Posted by: susankayjones | May 18, 2012

my favorite (non-people) things i will miss about guatemala.

obviously, people and ministry are what i will miss the most, but the last few weeks, i’ve also been thinking about some of the fun, quirky and delightfully different things that i will miss about guatemala!
here’s a short list:
  • hole in the walls with the best food! can you say “taco stand”!?!
  • the weather!
  • never being rushed in restaurants
  • bakeries and pharmacies on every corner…and NO prescriptions needed!
  • guatemalan food (except fiambre–ick)
  • simply putting on your hazards whenever you want to break a traffic “law”….or you just want to do your own thing.
  • refried black beans
  • lots and lots of hugs and kisses (definitely going to miss greeting with a kiss!)
  • volcanoes
  • y cafe (my favorite guatemalan coffee shop and its precious workers who know my order!)
  • worshiping in spanish
  • delicious fruit
  • hanging my laundry outside on lines that fill my backyard!
  • flower stands on every corner!
  • the creativity of people who use their vehicles for way more than driving!
  • hammocks!
  • gorgeous sunsets!

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