Posted by: susankayjones | May 14, 2012

thoughts, reflections and random take aways

may 21st, i will be coming “home” to dallas.

i say “home”, because for now…it seems like just a visit. doesn’t feel like home (yet!). i know it will. i know it will be the place i make a home, life and ministry with my future husband. i know it will feel like home once i reconnect with heart friends and begin to dig in deep into ministry. and i know it will be awesome.

as i begin to ponder and reflect on my time in guatemala, i am overwhelmed by the amazing provision and blessing God has poured over me. He has allowed me to partake in such rich ministry, deep friendships and a tremendous amount of joy through opportunities to utilize my gifts for His glory!

i take away from this country and my experience here far more than i ever gave.

just a few of the “take aways” from the last two years:

  1. If God calls you, He WILL equip you in every way to accomplish His will
  2. I am most fulfilled when I am using my gifts and talents to serve Him.
  3. I love counseling.
  4. Sometimes relationship is more important than my plans or my schedule.
  5.  I actually like living with a relaxed schedule.
  6. God is way bigger than I thought…and my eyes have been opened here.
  7. The Holy Spirit is also alive and active in ways I had not experienced until my time in Guatemala.
  8. I believe more.
  9. I ask, believing more.
  10. My faith has been challenged, strengthened, stretched and affirmed all at the same time.
  11. I have been more refined in my understanding of a moral issue vs. preference.
  12. God provides deep friendships anywhere I go…and I do not deserve them.
  13. Culturally, I can adapt well, and after living here, I’m not really sure which culture I consider “home!”
  14. I really enjoy living life at a slower pace.
  15.  Being in missions is a passion and privilege, and I have loved the opportunity to live in another country.
  16. I have seen great injustice, and have had to learn to trust God through it.
  17. I have seen the body of Christ work in a beautiful way here.
  18. There are seasons and stages of life…and God is in control of all of them.
  19. Obedience is way better than preference.
  20. God’s ideas, plans, thoughts, wisdom, (fill in the blank), is WAY better than mine or anything i could dream!\

i’m sure there are more to come…but that’s a start.

man, this has been a great ride.

I look forward to continuing my pursuit of missions long after that plane hits the ground at DFW. my call to missions is forever. my physical locations are just temporary :). praise Him for sustaining me wherever i am!


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