Posted by: susankayjones | May 10, 2012

lots o changes…

change is good.

solomon had it right when he penned “For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven”. i think everyone can agree, despite religious belief, stage of life or social status, that in life, there are seasons. it’s a natural ebb and flow to our lives…and how it’s intended to be.

due to some recent and major life changes, i find myself wrapping up a particularly wonderful season of life in guatemala. it’s really been an amazing ride, and i feel so blessed to have lived and served in this beautiful country as long as God allowed me. and i am remembering this as just that…a season…not an end. because if there’s one thing i have learned in life, it’s that your “season” can change at any given moment…so enjoy the one you’re in, and don’t assume you have a clue what the next one will look like!

more on reflections of my time in guatemala later, but for now, i look forward to finishing up here strong and completing my ministry here (for now) in His strength.

i am thankful for change. it keeps me on my toes. it refines my planner-minded soul. it helps me to hold to things loosely (things that don’t matter), and cling to things that do (Him). it excites me for the next season in store. it comforts me knowing that seasons are God-ordained and good.


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