Posted by: susankayjones | April 12, 2012

the gospel matters

the last several months, i have been blessed to compile and develop a curriculum to teach a biblical counseling class at my church here in guatemala. it has been so much fun for me (yes, i really do enjoy research, writing and organizing informaion!), and i continually pinch myself that this is actually my “job”!

the first of 13 classes was titled “the gospel as foundation”. the entire goal of this class was to teach how the gospel ties into every single life situation…every circumstance…every trial…every struggle…every joy…every temptation…every argument…every relationship…every day at work…e-ver-y-thing.

so, here’s the deal. the gospel matters.

it matters because for those who know Christ, we are pursuing a life of sanctification and see things through the lenses of one adopted, fully loved, completely forgiven and justified before God. nothing that happens in our life is about God’s wrath or anger toward us. nope.

for those who are seeking to know the answer to the question, “what is wrong in this world?”…please, hear me out. because the gospel answers this very important question.

we are broken and were born into a broken world. something IS wrong in this world. you see evidences of it everywhere. natural disasters, crime, broken relationships, hurt, sorrow, death.

but, the real problem comes when we don’t think we are included in the brokenness of this world. but we are. we desperately need a Savior…and the good news is that God, who is holy and cannot tolerate sin, sent the only perfect offering for atonement for our sin in his son Jesus Christ. in His grace and love, God provides restoration of people to himself. but we miss it. we miss all his ways that He woos us to find complete satisfaction, complete joy, complete fullness in Him.

ever wonder why relationships just don’t always cut it? why you constantly feel like you’re not good enough? why you know there there just HAS to be more meaning to life than the daily, mundane schedule you live? it’s because the answer to all of those questions is “yes, that’s true.”

the only hope for us, this world, our brokennes,  is found in the person of Jesus Christ. he came, lived a sinless life, and sacrificed that we may be reconciled with God….restored in relationship, not only with God, but with others too. so, believing this, my life suddenly becomes something much greater than my mundane daily routine. it becomes a beautiful picture of God’s grace…and an opportunity to live, speak, act, react, rejoice, mourn, accept, love, rebuke, comfort, support, endure and overall demonstrate life as one saved by God’s grace. fully loved and accepted by Him. motivated to live for Him, not me. desiring to show His love to others in how i respond and react. and giving me lenses with which to view and interpret life’s trials, struggles and challenges. even those are His gifts of grace toward me, because His son, Jesus Christ, absorbed any ounce of anger or wrath God has for my sin (past, present future). God is not angry with me. ever.  through Jesus, I am forgiven and seen as blameless before God.

and that is why the gospel matters.

my pastor recently wrote a book about the gospel. check it out here.


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