Posted by: susankayjones | April 10, 2012

and the blessings just keep on coming…

if you follow my facebook at all, you have probably heard by now that i am engaged to be married to an amazing man!

God’s hand in our relationship has been so evident and it has truly been an amazing ride, filled with His peace, joy and strength.

i have posted pictures from the night of our engagement on Facebook here. it was truly the most perfect night i could have ever imagined.

i am going to marry the most wonderful, godly man who i KNOW beyond a shadow of a doubt is the man God picked for me. i love him for so many things, but mostly i love him for his commitment to and utter love for God. he points me to Christ and refines me in so many ways. i feel beyond blessed to be his future wife, and look forward to how God chooses to use us for His glory. we are confident He has ordained this for His purposes…so, let the new journey begin!!!

more to come on what my timeline will be as i finish out  my term in guatemala. stay tuned! God still has some work to do here in guatemala, and i am here for a little bit longer finishing up commitments!



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