Posted by: susankayjones | January 31, 2012


idolatry is such a harsh word. so exposing. so humbling. and yet…it’s part of the vocabulary of my life.

i am an idolater.

it’s true.

there are things in my life, every hour, every minute, that i choose about Christ. things i pursue harder, with more abandon. and it is in my pursuit of those things that i end up empty, exhausted and disappointed.

this semester, the women’s ministry is focusing on idolatry. what do i mean by that?

  • well, i mean the pride in my heart that longs to be right, that convinces myself it’s ok to be angry.
  • it’s the pursuit of man’s approval of me. it’s the pride seen when i fear life—exposing my lack of trust in a sovereign God and assuming i know best.
  • it’s feeling i need to look/be/act a certain way to be loved, exposing my idol of man over God.
  • it’s the subtle, yet deadly, belief that i am “owed” things in life….that things “should be” a certain way, and i have a right to react a certain way if that doesn’t happen.
  • it’s seeking my own pleasure and agenda above another’s, or especially God’s.
  • it’s valuing my own time, comfort over discipline. it’s reacting in a certain way to gain control over another.

yes….it is all of those things…and many, many more.

as you can see, idolatry is everywhere. so, we are going to talk about it. pray and beg God for forgiveness. and finally, ask the Holy Spirit to empower us to resist chasing idols.

we are going to look at idolatry as seen through the following core heart issues: anger, fear, unforgiveness, jealousy, guilt and shame, depression, fear of man. but we won’t stop there. we will look at the biblical approach and mandate to address these heart issues.

it’s going to be good. hard. deep. vulnerable. heavy. convicting. gut-wrenching. transparent.

it’s going to be amazing.


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