Posted by: susankayjones | January 6, 2012

a heart update

first off, before i delve into the medical heart situation, i wanted to thank you all for diligently praying for me, letting me know you are praying, commenting, contacting me, etc.  it has meant so much to me. i honestly have not been worried, and i attribute that solely to your prayers.

so, thank you! you are loving me very well!

the medical update…

so…the last few days have actually provided the doctor with alot of information, which has proven very helpful in figuring out what is going on.

first, i received my heart monitor yesterday and have been wearing it for about 24 hours. ultimately, this data will provide my cardiologist with what he needs, but it will take more time to get accurate data. it’s a complete eye sore though…and huge. i feel like a complete dork :).

second, i had a stress test, bloodwork and ECHO done. bloodwork came back normal and the ECHO i had this morning showed that i have a normal heart structure. there is nothing abnormal in the makeup of my heart. yay!

third, i met with the cardiologist today to discuss the stress test. the good news is that the stress test showed NO abnormal rhythms (arrhythmia). the “bad” news isn’t really all that bad. basically, it showed that my heart elevates too quickly with minimal activity. within just a few minutes of walking relatively slowly, my heart rate had jumped over 160. that was apparently too high. and during the latter part of the stress test, which wasn’t even hard, it got all the way to 196 before they stopped me. so……apparently that is not normal.

what now?

well, the doc prescribed me a medication (beta-blocker) to try and get it back to a more normal pace. he is monitoring the heart monitor data and i will go see him again next friday.

so, i am here another week! while i am very ready to return to my normal life in guate, i am focusing on the tremendous blessing of being with my sister and her family. there is SO much to be thankful for, and i am going to the family time until the very second that i have to leave!

that’s about all for now. looks like i won’t have another update until next friday! thank you again for praying for me!




  1. I just saw your updates and just wanted to say we’ll be praying for you! Enjoy the extra time with your family. We love you lots and will look forward to hearing more!

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