Posted by: susankayjones | November 22, 2011

un equipo muy especial

so, last week i had the honor to join the village’s “recovery” team. this team of people work very closely with the recovery ministry at the village and have the most amazing hearts to serve God with thier lives, and honor Him with their stories of redemption and restoration.

there are few words that will adequately describe the way i was moved by God last week as a result of the ministry He did with this team. to say that i was blessed would be a great understatement. no. it was way more. it was life-giving.

i love non-surface conversation. i love hearing peoples’ life stories. i love God. i love watching Him use said life stories to impact others for the Kingdom. i love laughing. i love being challenged. i love dancing before the Lord. i love feeling the Holy Spirit. i love hosting people in my home. i love praying with intensity. i love loving on kiddos. i love being part of a team.

let’s just say that last week my love for these things was only stirred with greater passion and by week’s end, my heart was bursting.

of course, the minute this team left, my heart immediately sensed loss.

but, there is joy in loss.

feeling loss means love was present. love was fostered. love was tangible.

i will write more in another post about my time at “hospital del espirtu santo”, but for now…here is a picture of this extrodinary team. they loved well.


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