Posted by: susankayjones | November 21, 2011


so, lately i have been asking the Lord for more. more of Him. more of the Spirit.

and He. Has. Delivered.

i feel as if the Lord has been awakening things in my heart spiritually that are so fun, exciting and intense! being in another culture has truly opened my heart and eyes to a greater understanding of the power of His Holy Spirit….and i have been blown away.

it makes me grieve on some level for the american church…we miss it sometimes. like alot.

i’m not saying guatemala has it all figured out, but i will say they aren’t nearly as inhibited here (mentally, physically, spiritually)…and that is something i continue to chisel away at during my time here: my inside-the-box framework for the Holy Spirit. i have been so blessed by great teachers who guide me biblically through this journey i’m on.

when we seek, we find. He desires to bless us, so why don’t i ask?

well… i am asking for more of Him. and, i am receiving!

how have you broken free from your box?


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