Posted by: susankayjones | November 10, 2011

month ‘o company!

so…i have a very full month coming up!

thursday (november 10), a team from my church in texas comes for a 10-day trip focused on counseling/ministering to the hurting. this team will minister to people who have seen rough lives, and they will need lots of prayer! i intend to join them in ministry during their week here. also…the women from the team will be staying with me! so, i’ll have 5 additional women around. can’t wait!

then…early december a sweet girl from my church in dallas is coming. she has forgone a vacation in order to visit somewhere she can serve! what a godly example! after contacting my church, she was advised that guatemala would be a good place for her to invest her time into something Kingdom-oriented…so, she will be coming to spend 9 days with me and serve alongside me. what a fun blessing.

when i came back this august, some worried i might get too comfortable living alone until my new teammate (KC Reed, follow her blog) joins me in january. hopefully this has put you at rest! 🙂 plus…i’ve had several other houseguests since august…so rest assured…i am NOT getting too comfortable! 🙂



  1. good! 🙂

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