Posted by: susankayjones | November 7, 2011


so…november 1 is “day of the dead” or “dia de los muertos” here.

last year, i went to a nearby town and watched the enormous kites being flown in a graveyard. you see, on this day it is said  the line between the physical and spiritual realm is the thinnest, and therefore, you can communicate with the dead on this day through flying a kite. not everyone who flys a kite believes this—it has become a tradition here in guate. it makes for a beautiful display of color, but at it’s core, something that saddens my heart.

here’s a picture from last year:

another tradition on this day is to eat fiambre. (pronounced fee-ahm-bday)

let me tell you…i have been hearing about fiambre for a year now, since i didn’t try it last year. fiambre is a dish that is said to include all the favorite foods of the dead loved ones you are remembering. so…every family makes it differently, but from what i’ve heard, there are some similarities.

fiambre includes LOTS of different kinds of meats (though i have heard of some making a vegetarian version), cheeses, vegetables, seafood, tongue (yeah, that’s right), you name it. alot of the veggies are “pickled” in vinegar, and apparently there are both “red” and “white” versions of fiambre. what makes the red, red, is beets/beet juice.

so…i tried it this year. i had the red version. the meats were good, but unfortunately the beet juice tainted everything for me…it all tasted very pickled and vinegary. so, i’m glad i tried it, but next year…it’s pizza.

here’s a picture, before it got all stirred up.

how many kinds of food can YOU identify? fiambre



  1. Bless your heart for even trying! My tradition is Pollo Campero and I’m Guatemalan!

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