Posted by: susankayjones | October 12, 2011



Lately, I have not felt “a-game” when it comes to my spanish learning. Yes…i’m STILL learning. I continue to feel like a toddler in my ability to communicate, but what’s even more frustrating is my own personal failures to be disciplined to study and push  myself.

It’s easy for me to feel defeated from time to time regarding my language learning…or lack thereof. I’m the kind of person that wants to do something well and do it right. Language learning has stripped me to some extent, and shown me that this is simply one area that I may not do well…yet. I have to choose to celebrate the small victories…and not dwell on that which I cannot do/say/communicate/understand….but, that is hard for the perfectionist in me.

Of course, the perfectionist in me needs to die. What better way than to constantly slay a language?

I also have to remind myself that some learn languages easily and naturally, and some (me) really have to try hard and persevere. What better way to force me to rely on God’s strength?

Would you please pray with me that I would persist in my language learning and confidence/courage to speak it? I know that Spanish is supposedly the easiest language to learn—which has aided my feelings of defeat—but I must press on—understanding that I am limited in my pursuit if I am relying completely on my own strength. So, I pray A LOT these days…and trust that in this process, He is refining not only my Spanish, but also my heart.



  1. I understand your pain so well. So frustrating, this language learning is! Love you and I’m sure you’re doing better than you think! At least that is what people say to me… don’t worry (I don’t believe it either 🙂 Love ya!

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