Posted by: susankayjones | September 27, 2011

2nd terms are so different…

before i left guatemala in june to return to the US for a period of time, i thought to myself

i wonder how a second term will be different? what will feel the same? what will feel different?

let me just say….it’s truly been amazing!

now, granted, maybe i’m still in the honeymoon phase of living here…but i have found even MORE joy upon returning to guatemala.

here are some of the things i have found different, but GOOD:

  1. i have an established network. and boy, do i LOVE these people! i have deep, forever-bonds with my friends here…and returning was like entering back into community.
  2. ministry has started back instantly. and even greater.
  3. worshiping in spanish is easier and i don’t have to think as much about translating in my head
  4. language in general is improving…and i am using it more (but still need to amp that up!)
  5. i know my way around!  (ish) there’s still a TON to learn, but i’m alot more brave to figure out how to get there!
  6. i know the “little things” about living here—like where you can u-turn or exit to get to the other side of the street, where to grocery shop–and which stores have the best produce, little phrases like “pase adelante, buen provecho, que le vaya bien, ala gran, mmm va, etc.” how to dress for this weather, traffic “rules”—cough, cough, survival techniques
  7. and then there’s cultural things that i had adapted to last year, and just slipped right back into—-relationship over schedule, not sweating the small stuff, planning in pencil, and on and on

a friend of mine here said she felt like God showed her that this year+ (term) would be alot more intense…and that He would utilize me here in greater ways….and that i would basically have more going on.

music to my ears.

trusting He will accomplish His purposes for me here, in His strength. please join me in praying for this second term….

Zechariah 4:6

“The he said to me; “This is the word of the Lord to Zerubbabel: Not by might, nor by power, but by my Spirit, says the Lord of hosts.”



  1. So glad that things are going so smoothly. I want to come visit you so badly! Who knows – maybe it could work out sometime this year. It was great getting to know you at MTI!

  2. What do those phrases mean?

    • hey laura!
      pase adelante-come in, or pass by/through
      buen provecho-no literal translation but it is said after meals—meaning “may it sit well/digest well”
      que le vaya bien–have a nice day
      ala gran–a shortened version of a longer “oh my gosh” type phrase. there are several endings to this phrase–and i’m sure to stay away from the bad ones!
      mmm va,–a guatemalan “ok”. not found in other countries

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