Posted by: susankayjones | September 2, 2011

Me + Blogging = Fail….an update on the last 2 months.

so…i had high hopes of updating my blog more frequently this summer as i traveled through the States, but clearly that didn’t happen! sorry to any who were anxiously awaiting updates. hopefully, knowing i was in the States, you assumed i was running around like a chicken with my head cut off—which would have been an apt description!

my summer in review:

the nightmare move–arrived in the states on june 30, on july 1 oversaw the packing of my “stuff” in texas, fought with moving company because they were 10 days late (error in their paperwork), oversaw delivery of said “stuff” in tennessee, realized 2 items were missing—important ones, of course–began claim process which lasted for an entire month and resulted in being told the week before returning to guatemala “sorry…they are no where to be found. we can pay you $.60 per pound for them”

missing items?

1. my grandfather’s antique trunk that he used for college, filled with all my childhood memories including diaries, journals, scrapbooks, etc.

2. my fireproof lock box which contained my car title, legal paperwork, birth certificate, tax returns, etc. spent the last week in tennessee applying for new ones and signing up for identity theft protection. ugh.

good times.

now…the good stuff.

friend/supporter visits:

wow! i have always been amazed at the Lord’s provision of amazing friends and supporters in my life, but i was blown away this summer at how encouraged i felt by visits with friends and supporters. i was able to visit with 45+ people in 4 different cities and hear updates on their lives and share in person about what God has been doing in mine. it was incredible!

for those i was able to meet with—thank you! you blessed me! for those i couldn’t—sorry! my time was limited in every place, but let’s catch up over skype or e-mail! (skype: susan.jones712)

i also got to attend my teammate, alisha’s, wedding! it was amazing!!!

family visit:

i cannot tell you how blessed i was to have several weeks to spend with my family! i was able to make up for lost time and even got to catch a few “milestones” including:

  • dad’s 70th birthday
  • my nephew’s (Garrett) baptism
  • first day of school for the kids
  • celebrating my birthday with my aunt and uncle from california
  • a visit with my cousin and meeting his new wife (wedding happened while I was in Guate)
  • first games/matches of the kids’ sport seasons!
i’m not gonna lie…after enduring 100+degrees in texas and the mugginess of tennessee, i was ready for my training in colorado! i spent 6 days in colorado springs at a debrief and renewal conference. the weather alone was a nice respite, but i also was blessed by some new friendships and the personal advising time that was part of the program.  also, the scenery didn’t stink, as our facility had a good view of Pike’s Peak!

all in all….the summer was fantastic! i returned to guatemala late monday night, exhausted, but so glad to be back. after a few days of “resettling”, i hit the ground running yesterday. even attended a staff meeting entirely in spanish—and understood! whew! glad i didn’t lose all my spanish!

what’s next?

i’m back at work, planning for women’s ministry, meeting with women and catching up on all i’ve missed, working on some teachings, signed up for more language school, and generally trying to get caught up on life!

i will head out to the orphanage within the next week, but have already been heartbroken over hearing a few updates from the last 2 months. ugh.

and finally…i am still raising a few more thousand dollars to complete my final goal. if you have desire to support, here is how:


Logon to
Create a user id and password
Verify user id
Select “Give Now” under the “Giving” menu
Type “Susan Jones” into the search box
Select “Give Now” (From here you can set up recurring gifts, or a one-time gift)


Write checks to: Great Commission Ministries and reference “Susan Jones-6023” in the memo line

Send check to:
Susan Jones
1944 Chiswick Rd.
Knoxville, TN  37922



  1. Glad you made it back…was so wonderful meeting you. Can’t wait to read about all the blessings…you are doing good work girl! Have a great weekend
    Patti B.

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