Posted by: susankayjones | July 29, 2011

Stateside so far…

today marks my first full month in the States! can’t believe how fast time is flying! my time has been FULL and FRUITFUL!

i have had the BEST time the last month visiting with my family and friends. most of my time so far has been spent with family in Tennessee…and it has truly been a blessing. it’s been non-stop (is there any other way with 4 kiddos?), and oh…so…fun! we’ve visited Dollywood, Spash Country, the Zoo, been to the movies, swum our hearts out and had many, many slumber parties with the kids. i also got to celebrate my dad’s 70th birthday with the whole family—such a blessing.

in addition to family time, i have overseen the move of all my stuff from TX to TN..and begun to sort through all of the bins at Mom and Dads. yikes—what a chore! AND….i am happy to say that i have a current driver’s license (mine expired 7-12 this year)…and it’s from Tennessee! so, i guess i’m officially a Tennesee resident (ish).

i also made  a quick trip to south carolina to visit a few dear friends there. what a sweet time of fellowship and reconnection!

currently, im in texas…spending time in dallas and austin. i am looking forward to my teammate alisha’s wedding tomorrow! what a sweet celebration it will be! so fun to have walked alongside her last year during their engagement! will be fun to see the culmination of so many days of waiting and anticipation.

i am heading to colorado late next week for my final piece of training. can’t say i hate the thought of colorado mountains and escaping this texas and tennessee heat.

after colorado, i plan to return to tennesee for one final visit with the family and then back to Guatemala. of course, this ALL DEPENDS on when i reach my support goal.

currently….i lack $7,000 in funding to have permission to book my return flight to Guate


i lack $19,500 overall in my funding to get me through 2012.

if you’d like to join my team…i need you! 🙂

Ways to donate toward my return to Guatemala:


Logon to
Create a user id and password
Verify user id
Select “Give Now” under the “Giving” menu
Type “Susan Jones” into the search box
Select “Give Now” (From here you can set up recurring gifts, or a one-time gift)


Write checks to: Great Commission Ministries and reference “Susan Jones-6023” in the memo line

Send check to:
Susan Jones
1944 Chiswick Rd.
Knoxville, TN  37922


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