Posted by: susankayjones | June 26, 2011

reflections…part tres

so, i’ve shared joys

i’ve shared challenges

now…it’s anticipations of returning to the States for a season, and then back to Guate!

though i try to hold all plans for the future with a wide open hand, the following are things i am expectantly hoping for this summer and beyond.

hopeful anticipations for summer:

hopeful anticipations for my return to guate:

  • a continued sense of purpose and God’s calling to ministry here
  • opportunities to minister to women, corporately and individually
  • a greater desire for God and His Spirit to move
  • a continued support system back home…and maybe even more visitors! 🙂
  • an expectation to be challenged and stretched in my faith
  • even deeper connections with people who have become like family to me here
  • continued sense of God’s sustaining hand on my life daily
would love your prayers as i enter this next stage of the journey….re-entry and return!


  1. Susan, I really enjoyed reading your updates. What day do you leave for the states? I’ll be in the capital on July 5th to pick up Daniza Wiseman, and would love to see you girls for a quick coffee if you’re available.

    • hey kailah!

      we actually leave thursday bright and early! dang it…i would have loved to see you. bummer.
      pray that i can return by september. if all goes well with support raising, i should be back soon!


  2. Wow! You updated a lot while I was down in Guate. It is great to hear how God has worked in you this past year. I’m so glad we were able to meet up, even if it was only for a little bit.

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