Posted by: susankayjones | June 24, 2011

reflections…part dos

so, with any adventure, there are both joys and challenges.

i honestly feel as if the JOYS have far surpassed the challenges….but even in the challenges, there is so much joy and sanctification.

it has been a great ride so far…and here are some of the ways i have been challenged spiritually, emotionally and  mentally:


  • i have been challenged to leave behind my “United States” mentality of living
  • my faith has been challenged, as i heard heartbreaking stories of injustice toward children and adults
  • i have been challenged to love others where they are
  • my own ideas, ways of life, comfort—all challenged
  • my lack of faith has been exposed, especially when considering the supernatural power of our mighty God!
  • my sense of freedom and autonomy has been challenged
  • i have been challenged to expand my experience with the Holy Spirit
  • i have been challenged to die to self, and remind myself it’s not about me
  • it has been a challenge to find ways to connect with friends and family back home—but not one that is insurmountable!
  • language learning has humbled me and taught me just how prideful i am
  • i have been challenged to look at situations through non-culturally-biased lenses
  • my sense of justice has been challenged, and have had to rely on the sovereignty of God to reconcile it
  • my sense of “security” has been challenged, and grown in trusting the Lord in all situations
all in all….great ways to be challenged.


  1. Thanks for sharin my friend! Can’t wait to hear more in detail when you get back.

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