Posted by: susankayjones | June 23, 2011


Last week, a group of us went to Coban.

This is an area of Guatemala that has some of the most gorgeous natural landscape, and it kind of a hub for day-trips to all sorts of cool places!

It was one of those places that we “had to see” before leaving Guatemala!

We got to do some amazing things including: CAVING in multiple cave systems, HIKING to the top of semuc champey overlook, SWIMMING in the very cool (literally) pools of Semuc Champey and TUBING through one of the cave systems called “Candelaria”.

Not sure which was my favorite, but here are some highlights:

  • favorite view: semuc champey pools and waterfalls
  • favorite memory: too many…but one really funny one was maredith and aaron having to grab on to the hood of the car as we tried to scale a mountain our car didn’t really like
  • favorite car experience: playing many, many car games AND talking (or listening, really)  in spanish the entire trip home
  • favorite first: tubing through caves—it was amazing
  • favorite scary moment: pitch dark caves, tubing…then shining a light above us to find TONS of bats, who started dive bombing us
link to Facebook album
here are some pics:


  1. dive bombing bats = no thank you! 😉 i can hear your loud scream/laugh now…


    • jajaja…i was recently asked “do you come with a volume button?” after my cackle/laugh. absolute greatness.

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