Posted by: susankayjones | June 22, 2011

reflections…part uno

i cannot believe that my first season in guatemala is nearing it’s end. how can this be?

when looking back over this last season, and how God has worked, i am humbled to the point of tears.

words seem so trite, and pictures capture mere moments of the epic adventure He has allowed me to have while serving here the last 10 months.

though impossible to encapsulate all my thoughts and feelings, i will at least share some in a three-part blog including:

  1. joys of serving in guate
  2. challenges of serving in guate
  3. anticipations for returning to the States and then guate again

the joys:

  • enjoying life in another culture—the new sights, smells, traditions, foods, language, landscape
  • friendships—especially grateful for the special heart connections i have made with several women
  • the ministry He has allowed me to be a part of. it’s truly overwhelming.
  • getting to love on orphans and abandoned kids.
  • the leadership that i sit under, grow from and am challenged by here on a weekly basis. what godly examples.
  • relatively good health throughout my term. no major illnesses.
  • travel-i have had the opportunity to travel and see much of the country
  • women’s ministry that was started—and outpouring of ministry that has happened as a result…
  • getting to worship in spanish every week!
  • family visits from my mom, sister and sister’s family!
  • people to watch over us–a fellow missionary family, church staff, friends
  • feeling super supported from back home (including some friends’  visit in november)
  • experiencing God in new ways and being stretched in my faith
  • not struggling majorly with bouts of homesickness
  • being able to get medicine/bloodwork here, and without a doc’s note
  • having internet to communicate with family and friends
  • feeling a part of the “guatemalan family”
  • many, many more joys throughout this season—they really are too numerous to recount!
next up….the challenges.


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