Posted by: susankayjones | June 6, 2011

an orphanage need

the orphanage that i am connected with here, fundaniños, has a great need!

there are three amazing kids who have an opportunity to attend a school in the city that can drastically improve their education, and therefore, hope for future education, jobs, “stability”.

these kids have dreams! and, honestly…that’s really remarkable considering the story of their lives.

two of the children have been completely abandoned by their family. and yet…they dream of great things for their future. under the loving care of fundanions, they have been nurtured in every way, and they love to learn
meet stacy (top) and silvia (middle).

the other child, donald,  is the son of the orphanage director’s. he’s great kid, and his parents are unbelievable servants of God. this would bless their family tremendously.

basically…they need money.

it will cost $4,000 per student, per year.

so, in total $48,000 for all 3 of these kids to complete this education.

this is seriously an amazing opportunity for them—a game changer for their future.

if you are able, would you consider donating toward this worthy cause?

if so, click here to donate online, or send a check to:

Section 2934/Gua
7801, NW 37th St.
Miami Florida

be sure to indicate “SUNLAND SCHOOL” in the memo.


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