Posted by: susankayjones | April 28, 2011

here we go again!

throughout this journey of submitting to God’s call on my life to serve Him in missions, there have been so many joys….and so many refining moments—not that those are mutually exclusive!

the experience with the most dichotomous emotions has definitely been support raising.

during my season of support raising, i felt such joy and humility watching God provide in such huge and unexpected ways. i also became well acquainted with fear of the unknown…fear of the “what ifs”…and fear of man.

so, with my call to remain in guatemala at least another 18 months, comes another round of support raising!

there is part of me looking forward to this process…and honestly, part of me that wishes i could blink and it’d be done.

here’s what i know…

  • i know that God has called me to remain in guatemala
  • i know that God has called believers to support those called to the nations
  • i know that God is faithful to provide
  • i know that i am unable to do any of it on my own

please join me in praying that God would raise up supporters who desire to join me in ministry to Guatemala!



  1. i think i somehow missed the support train the first time around. email me the details. . . i’m in and am excited to partner with you in your ministry.

    • wow casey! i will for sure send you information.
      thank you SO much….what a blessing!

  2. Understand this post completely 🙂

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