Posted by: susankayjones | April 17, 2011


for the past few months, i feel like i have not had much of a routine….more like a roller coaster.

don’t get me wrong…it’s been a great roller coaster…so fun and exciting! just feel like i am finally getting back to routine.

from tons of travelling within guatemala (panajachel, antigua multiple times, monterico) and also travelling outside guatemala (costa rica and US), i am glad to be settled back at home for a few months before my life becomes a roller coaster once again!

here are a few pictures from the last few weeks ::

i visited guatemala’s beaches for the first time with some friends! here is a picture of the black sand beach…had never seen one before!

then, i was honored to be a part of one of my best friends’ wedding! i went back to the states (with special permisison) for a VERY short trip to celebrate this amazing union of two close friends!

and here are a few from the orphanage.

mishel and her twin sister, andrea, were adopted to a family on saturday. we aren’t sure of the situation they enter, but praying that it is a good one. not easy to see them leave….can’t imagine how it must feel for those who live at the orphange and care for these kids daily!


this was taken immediately after javier leaned in and quickly kissed my cheek…without warning! 🙂


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