Posted by: susankayjones | March 9, 2011

no wonder they call it…Costa Rica!

If you follow my blog, you know that recently our team had a failed attempt to cross the border into Mexico for the purpose of renewing our visas. (We are required to leave the country every 6 months).

So…our team had no choice but to find the best deal to a country that would “count” toward the visa renewal. Apparently Guatemala is in an agreement with Honduras, Nicaragua and El Salvador where crossing the border by car doesn’t get you the passport stamp you need.

We decided to suffer for Jesus in the beautiful surroundings of Costa Rica’s rainforest and beaches.

All I can say is…….




  1. Looks like you are suffering in style, sweet friend! I am glad you are safe and happy. God is good and I am awaiting your next exciting post! Love you!

  2. Stunning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What an eye you have for photography.
    I did notice brown toes and cute polish in the beach scenes….so, this was a beach evangelism emphasis?? 🙂

  3. Whoa. SO beautiful!! I’m glad you’re getting some sweet time of rest!

  4. Im ready to visit!!! Haha

    Well deserved break I am SURE! love and miss you!!

  5. WOW…are you sure God hasn’t called you to Costa Rica??? I could probably stand to visit you there. Mom

    • haha! well, come to guatemala and we’ll go on a weekend getaway to CR! 🙂

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