Posted by: susankayjones | February 9, 2011


pain really stinks.

any kind….physical, emotional, spiritual….it’s all hard.

my response to pain is important. regardless of the type of pain, my response will likely dictate the “health” of the other two areas. if i suffer physically, i am certainly at risk to suffer emotionally and spiritually depending on my response. the same goes for the other two. emtional pain can turn into physical illness. spiritual pain can wreck us on all fronts. and sometimes…the “category” lines of pain are blurry. you just know you are hurting.

since i was 15, i have dealt with rheumatoid arthritis. it was extremely painful, and thankfully, since about 18, the pain has been “under control” or at least very manageable. i have not felt limited by the disease, and consider it a tremendous blessing to never have relived the first (and excruciating) three years of my disease.

but that doesn’t mean i don’t have “flares.” this week….i am dealing with some flares.

it’s got me thinking about the blessings in the pain.

  • without pain, i am WAY too confident in my own abilities and find myself easing into a self-reliant attitude and less-than-desperate dependence on God.
  • without pain, i easily gloss over the graces God offers me everyday and neglect to praise Him for (ie-the thousands of days, weeks, even months that i go without significant pain).
  • without pain, i cling a little too tightly to this world and don’t yearn for heaven.
  • without pain, i forget how fallen we really are….and how even the amazing things in life are still a mere fraction of the glory that will be revealed in heaven.
  • without pain, i cannot mature in many spiritual fruits: patience, long-suffering, joy

so…maybe pain isn’t such a bad thing.

don’t get me wrong, i don’t like it….and i want it to end…but perhaps, if viewed with an eternal perspective, it will help me to die to self and usher in a greater humility.

tell me….how have YOU been blessed by pain?



  1. Seven years ago I was very ill…it hit me out of the blue…I was in the hospital for 52 days…in a coma for two weeks…I pray I never have to do it again….but…if it is the Lord’s will I can handle it…only through HIS grace…GOD used me and my illness in ways to many to put on here…just know that I have shared my miraculous healing with many…it has opened many doors that eventually lead straight to the cross…Pain…it’s all relative…nothing compares to the pain JESUS suffered to wash away my sins….I am forever grateful and totally unworthy!

  2. Susan we are praying that God will take the pain away and give you the strength to endure while experiencing it. Love your blogs. Get well and we love you.

  3. so very good, thanks for sharing. i remember hearing about people struggling with the idol of painlessness and saw a lot of myself in that. i also will never forget reading my utmost for his highest one day and reading that half the time we pray for the relief or comfort of another, we are barriers to God’s will in that person’s life…he obviously knew about the fruit of pain!
    thanks for sharing 🙂

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