Posted by: susankayjones | January 26, 2011

visitors welcome

i have been incredibly blessed lately by the visits of both my mom and sister.

if you’re my friend on facebook, you can see full picture albums of my mom’s visit here and my sister’s visit here. if not, i wanted to show you a few pictures of out time together and tell you how it encouraged my heart.

first…mom came on december 29th.

we left that very day to travel to a nearby city, antigua, which i have grown to adore! this is where i did language school for 5 weeks, and is also one of the more “touristy” cities in guatemala. though “touristy”, it absolutely has a special charm and old-movie-esque feel to it. the uniqueness of everything in antigua is extremely appealing to me—it’s just so quaint! i love it!

needless to say, i wanted to show mom around to my favorite spots! (including sabe rico,mcdonald’s courtyard, cool doors/colors/ruins, and a visit to a nearby coffee plantation, “finca filadelphia”)

we had a great time, but returned to the city on new years eve, where we celebrated quietly (except for all the fireworks) at home with games and such with our friends.

mom got to do some hands-on ministry with visits to two different orphanages (one of which i work with weekly)

she also got to meet my friends, attend church and get to know my boss and his wife here in guatemala.

apparently mom loved her visit so much that she’s ready to move here! or….at least have me stay a while longer so she can come back again! 🙂

it was so much fun to have her here…to see my life here…to understand the dali-ness of how things work around here….to meet my friends…hang out with my teammates…to know and love me better through knowing and understanding my life and call here. what. a. blessing.

then…the very day my mom left, my sister arrived!!!!!

jenny and i did alot of similar things, starting with a trip to antigua, where i got to show her around too!

in addition to seeing all my “favorite spots” and shopping in the market, we decided to go ziplining in the mountains!

it was amazing!!! you can see video on my FB profile page!

then, jen and i got to do some hands-on ministry at the orphanage where i work, fundaninos. also, we have the priviledge of doing food deliveries with the freed family!

it gave jen a chance to see more of guatemala city, including the capitol:

jen also got to hang out with my boss and his wife, in addition to my teammates and friends.

i cannot tell you how blessed i feel to have family that is completely supportive of what i am doing here. i do not take this blessing for granted in any way, and recognize how rare and pivotal this has been to my emotional health. the Lord has sustained me, but He has also blessed me with tremendous encouragers in my family.

His blessing in this way is kind of overwhelming…and very awesome.



  1. Oh wow what fun you had!! Yes you are very blessed, Susan, and your mom and sister are too!!
    Anxiously waiting until my turn to visit, but until then I’ll just happily drink my AWESOME GUATEMALAN COFFEE!!!

  2. oh wow…thanks for sharing…I know that was good for all three of you! Happy New Year! Darla we miss you…it’s been really wintery here..

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