Posted by: susankayjones | December 31, 2010


around Christmas, i am constantly reminded of the anticipation that came with the arrival of Jesus. we sing about it often around this time:

“come thou long expected jesus, born to set thy people free”

“long lay the world, in sin and error pinning…til He appeared..”

Christ coming to earth fulfilled a great anticipation of those awaiting their Savior. but we are still in a period of anticipation…for the returning of Christ.

i find myself convicted. as the bride of christ, we are in a season of anticipation.

did you know that  ancient jewish wedding traditions symbolized our wedding with Christ?  there are many of them, but one in particular strikes me….it includes a one-year waiting period between betrothal and the wedding.

the purpose?

 two-fold: one, for the groom to prepare a room onto his father’s house, and two, for the bride to go through a purification process. for her, this was a season of anticipation and purification.

every night, the bride was to sleep with her lantern on in case her groom came in the middle of the night to take her away. that was the custom. and every night, the bride eagerly anticipated if that was the night of her groom coming.

why is it so easy for me to eagerly anticipate things of this earth…like fun get-togethers, visitors,  days off, etc….but yet…when it comes to the return of Christ, i treat it casually, if at all.

my mom and sister are both coming to visit me in a few days. i cannot wait! i have been making plans for their visits, preparing the house, talking to them, telling other people all about it……

and yet…Christ IS coming back. my life as a believer should be centered around anticipating that return—purifying my heart, growing in sanctification, telling others all about it….

oh, the conviction that comes from a less-than anticipating heart.

as the new year approaches, i am praying for a heart that eagerly awaits the second coming of Jesus….and seeks ways to stir my affections for Him during the wait!



  1. yes. great reminder. love this susan.

  2. wow – needed to hear that! great analogy for someone that is literally in the “waiting” period 🙂

    I love you!

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