Posted by: susankayjones | December 27, 2010


feliz navidad!

many of you have asked about my first christmas in guatemala. honestly…it was great! thank you so much for asking. here is a brief recap:

christmas in guatemala was great! the weather was a crisp sunny day and from the moment i woke up until the moment i went to sleep, i enjoyed every minute of my day. the festivities started christmas eve with a service at our church.

i actually was part of the christmas choir! (on the far left)

then, i went to the freed’s for christmas eve dinner! i left to skype with my family that evening as they were putting together certain items in preparation for christmas morning!

i went to bed eagerly anticipating the morning “with” my family via skype. 6:30 a.m. was my wake up call to be ready for the 7:00 skype call (also known as the latest my niece and nephew would wait to come downstairs–for them, it was 8:00)!

here they are when they first came downstairs!

then…it was breakfast time!

per usual, the kids “fought” over who got to sit next to me! 🙂

then…we moved into the living room for gifts! my mom and sister had both sent me some to open—so thoughtful! we each took turns opening a gift.

i did a shutterfly album of the kids for their family and had it sent to my sister’s house (a tradtion for 3 years now). this is a picture of them looking at it.

i cannot tell you how grateful i was to be able to share christmas morning with my family. i was trying to remove my expectations prior to christmas, knowing that technology can be sketchy, but amazingly, it all worked out very well! it makes living in another country not feel so far.

after family christmas, i headed to the freed’s house for christmas brunch! yum! this is the awesome gift they gave me:

christmas afternoon, hannah and i cooked our little hearts out in preparation for a christmas dinner we hosted at our house!

it was such a fun dinner party!  i really enjoyed the fellowship with “new” friends. it feels like i’ve been here much longer than 4 months—and i think that’s a good thing. 🙂

here are two pics from the evening…as you can tell….it was fun! 🙂

we finished the night by playing a card game called “hand and foot” with our neighbor, maredith!

all in all…a GREAT day!



  1. Susan- thanks once again for sharing. I love your wonderful attitude!. I prayed for you and the gang Christmas morning as I was praying for my middle son who is in the Marine Corps and could not be home. I was praying that the Lord would fill you all with joy!

    May the Lord’s grace continue to rest on you three and may you bare great fruit as you walk in the fullness of the Holy Spirit. Send my best to Alisha and Hannah. My wife Janet and I love the updates… thanks again.

    Jack Cooksey
    Village Member
    Frisco, Tx

  2. Thank You Jesus for Skype!
    Seriously, that’s awesome.
    Love you Ditto!

  3. Susan, this is just so so great. i’m so proud of you and thankful for what God is doing in your life. What an adventure! May the Lord give you unusual grace, boldness, power, and faith in 2011.

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