Posted by: susankayjones | December 18, 2010

why i’m smiling…

ever have moments when you catch yourself thinking about all the major blessings in your life—and you just kind of smile to yourself? that’s kind of been my life alot lately.

seriously…i. am. blessed.

i get to live in another country….doing work that (hopefully) is advancing His kingdom.

i have amazing friends and support system back home.

i have people telling me they are praying for me at least weekly, if not daily.

i have begun to foster sweet friendships here in guate.

i have a family who actively loves me and pursues ways to encourage me.

i can communicate frequently with friends and family because of technology.

i get to experience christmas in another culture—and yet—still enjoy skype with my family christmas morning (hopefully)!

i have 2 visitors coming very soon: my mom and sister!

i am pursued by the Lord.

i am forgiven.

this is a short list, but a glimpse into where my heart is tonight. don’t get me wrong….i have dips where i feel anything but grateful for my life. i expect those will continue…because they will. but, always….the Lord brings me out of it, and i have been sanctified in the process.

giving thanks tonight that He continues to sustain my joy here.



  1. If you are smiling, then I am smiling, too!! This whole post not only made me smile, but made me stop and give thanks for the way the Lord has blessed you, answered prayer and given you joy!

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