Posted by: susankayjones | December 18, 2010

i. heart. budgets.

yeah, yeah…i know i’m a bit of a nerd for admiting that a budgeting process is actually something i enjoy. but i love it!!!

for me, they are fun!

why? you ask….

well, i think partly it’s because i really enjoy organizing things. getting things in order. talk details.
but i think MOSTLY it’s because i get to see a sneak-peek into what will be happening (Lord-willing) with casa de libertad next year.

oh yes….that is very exciting. there are so many things i am pumped about!

the only twinge of sadness i have is the thought that i may not be here for all of it. regardless of my future, i will return to the states in july for at least a season.
as of right now, i hope  the Lord confirms His plans to allow me to return to guatemala for an extended season once my official term is completed in july. would love your prayers about that!

the last 2 weeks would have probably been a nightmare for many people—-yearly planning and budgeting. but, it was a dream for me! 🙂


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