Posted by: susankayjones | December 8, 2010

normal night…you know…just a little devil burning.

don’t worry…that’s normal here. well, at least on december 7th it is.

i’m telling you, i have had the most fun learning about all the cultural celebrations here. last night was no different.

it’s a national holiday where people  burn devils. yes, seriously. all around town you will find devil pinata looking things hanging from millions (it seems) of outdoor stands (not much different looking than lemonade stands). apparently you eat hot dogs too. no clue why though.

anyway, it is believed that on this day, you burn out the evil spirits in preparation for the new year. obviously, i do not believe this…nor do alot of people that actually observe this tradition, but alot of people do.

it’s interesting to me how culture and religion have meshed so indefinable here in guatemala. the best word i can think of to describe it is blurry. while chrihopefully don’t burn the devil because they believe the tradition, they still take part in the ceremony—for fun. so much of tradition here is steeped in some religious belief…that sometimes it’s kind of blurry to me whether people are doing something out of tradition or belief.

at fundaninos (the orphanage i work with), they had a celebration, and it was really fun!!  food, santa, fireworks (including all the kids running around shooting them off)….it was chaotic and fun! 🙂

here are some pictures!



  1. thats crazy. fascinating. and the faces of these little yummies … whew.

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