Posted by: susankayjones | December 2, 2010

whoa…i live here.

some days i catch myself thinking…whoa…i actually live in guatemala now. i guess 3 months in,  it surprises me when i occasionally ponder the reality of my life. it’s really quite amazing what i am getting to do.

my life here felt a little more real last week as i “hosted” my first visitors—close friends, david jackett and jen stetter. i love this couple, and their visit was such a welcomed one. we had the BEST week together….and i got to show them around my city (though both have been here before).

i think that’s what’s a little strange—i’m showing someone else around—in another country—and i loved it!

their visit was a great encouragement to me, and it really solidified the reality of living here. it was nice to feel “normal” hosting visitors, making fun plans, having deep conversations with people who truly know you, laughing, reminiscing, etc.
it was a great week.

i’m still learning how to live well here—espeically how to get around to more than 4 places—but for now, i relish in the small victories of being able to get to get to the grocery store, mall, church and antigua on my own! 🙂

God has been so good to me during this time of initial transition…please join me in praying about His long-term plan for my life in missions……we shall see!



  1. we look so sssssssssssserious in that pic 😉

    we love you and had so much fun!!! can’t wait until the next visit…in april…AHHHH!

  2. praying….

  3. Susan- thanks for the continued updates. I love to hear all that’s happening! May the Lord’s grace continue to rest on you and all you do.

    Jack Cooksey
    Village Member
    Frisco, Tx

    • Thank you so much Jack! It encourages me greatly to know fellow Villagers are joining in this journey with us! I appreciate you taking time to let us know you are praying for us!

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