Posted by: susankayjones | November 29, 2010


thank you Lord…

for my salvation…

for my family and friends…

for this opportunity to love others and serve you in guatemala…

for the new family of believers i have here…

for my home churches, both in the US and in guate…

for my supporters who encourage in so many ways…

for entrusting me with your mission…

for a desire for you…

we celebrated thanksgiving at the church on nov. 18  yes, we realize that the tradition of “thanksgiving” is primarily U.S., however, the tradition of “giving thanks” is universal. we had the traditional food—turkey, dressing, cranberry, potatoes. i was full…but not just physically. my heart was full of gratitude for so many things, including the list above.

when you think about it…when do we ever have a reason to NOT be giving thanks to the Lord?

i’m reminded of a chorus we sung growing up

“give thanks, with a grateful heart
give thanks, to the holy One
give thanks, because He’s given
Jesus Christ, God’s son

and now, let the weak say ‘i am strong’
let the poor say ‘i am rich’
because of what,
the Lord has done for us
give thanks”

what’s your list this thanksgiving?



  1. Hi SUSU! I have been singing that song to Hayes as a lullabye! 🙂 I can remember singing that song so vividly in the old auditorium… Thankful for YOU. Love and miss you. Wendy

  2. Susan- well said! We are thankful for your willingness to serve Him in a far away place with a different language and culture. May the Lord’s great blessing continue to rest on your life. Janet and I love to hear all that’s happening!

    Jack and Janet Cooksey
    Frisco, Tx
    Village Members

  3. i am thankful for YOU! and for the Lord allowing us the opportunity to come see you! and thankful that we’ll see you soon! 🙂

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