Posted by: susankayjones | November 17, 2010

my unexpected gifts

during our training this past summer in colorado, we learned that, despite any seasons of difficulty or struggle living overseas, it is gravely important to record the unexpected JOYS and BLESSINGS throughout our journeys. God’s faithfulness is so great!

so…here’s a fraction of my “unexpected joys” list:

  • the sweet, sweet children who remember my name and give me the best hugs!
  • eating healthier and fresher food
  • joining a gym and getting in shape
  • being able to find my medicine with NO problem and NO prescription needed! wa hoo!
  • an automatic car to drive, when i thought it would be stick (and i can’t drive stick…i know, i know…save the lecture) 😉
  • an instant church family
  • feeling like a sense of ownership in my job….and a sense of filling a need
  • finding many items similar to the US, which just make life a little easier
  • having a washing machine and dryer (though i use the clothesline—i just like it!)
  • having internet!
  • NOT watching tv…except for a few shows online. SO nice and refreshing!
  • desiring God and seeing His face in so many people here
  • having a supportive church missions team back home
  • getting to skype with my friends and family regularly
  • feeling loved and cared for well from afar…..THANK YOU!


  1. Su that is so great about your medicine!!!! What a huge relief! You need to buy tons extra before you come home!

  2. I LOVE this. SO key to remember when times can be difficult – the Lord always tends to gives us little reminders that he loves us uniquely!


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