Posted by: susankayjones | November 3, 2010

day of the dead

you may not know its history, but i bet your calendars and daily planners include “day of the dead” on november first.

in guatemala, it’s actually a national holiday.

to me, the traditions are a bit disturbing. you see…on this day, it is believed that the line separating the living from the dead is the thinnest, and therefore, communication with the dead is made more possible. on this day, those who follow the tradition (and probably lots who don’t) fly kites as their way to communicate with the dead.

i had the privilege to observe this tradition on monday morning. i was equal parts fascinated and burdened.

fascinated because….well, the kites were huge and numerous and beautiful!!!
and burdened because…well, some of the people flying kites that day genuinely believed they could communicate with their dead loved one.

we went to a town known for having alot of kites, and they literally gathered in a graveyard. it’s not like ones in the US, it was very open and looked like a field, but it absolutely had graves everywhere. it felt a little odd walking all around/over the graves, but honestly the kites were a good distraction. they had the largest kites i have EVER seen. they told us the kites would be big, but i had NO reference for kites THIS big! they were stories tall and beautiful!

i really enjoyed getting to experience the culture of this day, and nice to be an a typical guatemalan town, seeing mayan dress, observing the street culture, etc.

ironically, the day of the dead aims to connect with souls who have passed on, but to me, it reveals souls dead in trespasses and sins, desperate for life in Christ. anywhere you are, you don’t have to look far to see people placing hope in things not of the Lord. unfortunately, all over the world people have bought into any belief, tradition, myth in search of the true peace that only comes from knowing Jesus Christ.  like i said…i felt burdened.

here are a few pictures from our day!

see more pictures here



  1. fascinating…thanks for sharing…Patti Brown

  2. this is great – love you! we can’t wait to see you SOON!!! wahoo!!

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