Posted by: susankayjones | October 22, 2010

i’m not in kansas anymore…part 1

so, living in guatemala has been such a fun adventure! i really love travelling, absorbing new cultures, oberserving customs, seeing new sights, etc.

since living here, i’ve definitely observed a few things that you don’t typically see in the US, and i thought i’d share them with you…to give you a taste of my new home!



  1. what great pictures! such a great look into how different things are there. Love reading your blog updates and seeing all of the pictures.

  2. I so love the produce trucks. We’ve seen those in Peru as well and they just make me hungry every time. Roses for a $1!! Somebody in the good ole USA is making mucho bucks when we spend $75 for a dozen. Love you and love the blog entries. Betty

  3. Dallas needs 2 of these…
    Stop light entertainers and tuk tuks…and an in home concert would be awesome too.
    Thanks for keeping us in the loop with all that you are doing. It’s so fun to follow along! It’s like I can be adventurous right here at work 😉

  4. Wait till Holy Week leading up to Easter Sunday. It’s incredible to see how their culture celebrates compared to ours.

  5. […] as promised in my first post, “not in kansas anymore…part 1″,  here are additional pictures that capture more of my life here in crazy guatemala. i just love […]

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