Posted by: susankayjones | October 18, 2010

first week on the job…

last week was my first week of work here in guatemala. ( not that language school wasn’t “work”!)

it was a great week!

here’s a brief summary…

monday: we met at the church offices, helped finish the library inventory, had staff meeting and got the low down on general office things. here is a picture of my desk (i’m going to bring pictures, post-its (obviously), etc. this week).

tuesday: we had a full day at fundaninos (orphanage). we met with the directors to discuss needs the orphanage had and how each of us could uniquely fulfill them. it was very encouraging to see how each of us will fit in to the plan at fundaninos. after lunch, we played with the kiddos all afternoon…it was amazing to hang out with them!!!


this was probably one of my favorite days so far. we have some awesome neighbors, the freed family, who are fellow missionaries and also attend casa de libertad (my church). they work for orphan resources, inc. and provide….well….resources for neighboring orphanages/children’s homes. on wednesday, we went with the freeds to participate in “deliveries”. we delivered tons (literally) of food and drove all around the city! it was an awesome day!

but BEFORE we did the deliveries….we had the privilegs of serving breakfast to kids who live at the city dump. it’s truly such a sad situation, but the reality is there is an entire community who live at the city dump. the children, unfortunately, are exposed to so many disturbing things, but there is a man named guiseppe who is a beacon of light!

guiseppe started a school for kids from the dump. every morning, the children arrive at school (thanks to guiseppe’s school bus)and eat breakfast before class. this is the only meal many of them get in the day. on wednesdays, the freed’s head down to the school and help serve breakfast. we had the honor of joining them last wednesday (but hopefully not THE last one!)

this is ingrid! she just ran to me and threw her arms around me….what a precious girl! you would never know the kind of life she leads. she instantly captured my heart!

   guiseppe greets every child with a hug!

it was such an honor to participate in this ministry (called operation rescue). i cannot wait to serve again!

thursday: another day back at the office

friday: i met with vilma, who handles the finances for fundaninos and casa de libertad (not to mention 11 other companies). i met with her to discuss donor management at fundaninos as well as the finances for casa de libertad. part of my job will entail outlining a donor development plan for fundaninos and ideally taking over the day-to-day finances for casa de libertad (does it matter that i still count on my fingers?). 🙂

so…all in all…it was a GREAT week! it looks like i will have dual roles: both at the orphanage (fundaninos) and the church (casa). for fundaninos, i hope to devleop a general communcation plan/strategy and also a donor developement plan. i will also look for ways to fundraise in sustainable ways, not just one-time gigs. for the church, my job is probably going to be different every week, but will hopefully entail identifying and developing systems/processes for operations, helping with a centralized communication plan, participating with the weekly order of service/flow, etc., overseeing financies and possibly coming alongside some women leaders to build some structure/plans for ministry to women. whew…i’m tired!



  1. you are awesome. and i’m so excited for you… thanks for this glimpse into ministry…

  2. WOW….not sure I understand it all but as long as you know what you are doing it will all work….can you believe kids that live at the dump…it is hard to even wrap my feeble brain around that…how precious is that picture of the little one running out to hug you…oh the blessings!!! thanks for the update…Patti B. T.V. Precept Class

  3. love seeing your life from a far. love the pic of you hugging the little girl. i bet that was a tear jerker. miss you and so encouraged to see the Lord working mightily in you. what a journey you are on.

  4. Susan, I just love this report!!! Thank you for posting all of these pics! I know all those kids love you to death already and it looks like you are already cramming things into your schedule – ah, the life of a missionary!
    Como esta su espanol?
    Love, Susie

  5. Hey Susan! Remember me??? Your old roomate from our Guatemala trip in 2008? Who would have known that you would end up back there long term? I am so incredibly happy for you and I must admit…a bit jealous! When I lived in Mexico for 1/2 a year to learn Spanish it was the greatest experience of my life! I think about my days there (at the school, with my host family and orphanage I volunteered at) and would not trade that time for anything. I would go back in a heartbeat! Enjoy each moment that you are there. What a blessing you are to those children and I am sure they are to you!

    On a side note, Matt and I go to a really small church that we help start about a year and 1/2 ago. They have been looking for mission trip opportunities so I may be contacting you in the future to see if the orphanage you are at would be open to us coming to serve.

    Siempre vas a estar en mis oraciones. Que Dios te bendiga.


    • hey girl! of COURSE i remember you!!!! i loved that trip!
      it’s so good to hear from you! it is still a little surreal to me that i actually live here. i love it! i’m sad my time at language school is over…i feel like i’m losing every bit that i learned!!! wish i could speak like you! 🙂
      i would love to explore the possibility of a group from your church coming! let me know what you’re thinking and we can go from there!
      hope you and matt are doing well!!

  6. Wow! That sounds SO amazing. I’m glad your first week went well. We have been praying that your Spanish comes more and more naturally.

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