Posted by: susankayjones | October 14, 2010

FIRE in your bones

ok…i know it sounds weird, but i have to re-tell this story.

so, on our first day of work at the church, we helped finish some inventory of their library (both english and spanish resources). i was the “book title-reader-out-louder” while someone else inventoried and someone else shelved.

you know that you are either

A. a total idoit or

B. beginning to learn a new language when you read english words with spanish phonology.

 we lauged so hard when i was reading the book titles, and i came across the book “Fire in the Bones”. yes, the title alone is kinda funny, but we were laughing hard because i pronounced “fire” this way: fee-dray (how you would pronounce that word in spanish).

it was hysterical and among the LONG list of errors i have made/will continue to make on my way to learning spanish. we were told in our training, “you will murder the language on your way to mastering it.”




  1. OMG I’m laughing out loud. I’ve SO done that!! haaaaaaaaaaaaa!

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