Posted by: susankayjones | October 12, 2010

Tremor, earthquake…guatever

So, I officially felt my first earthquake! I’m told it was just a tremor, but that doesn’t sound nearly as exciting as “I survived an earthquake”, so earthquake it is.

It was actually last week, but I’m just now getting around to blogging about it. It was after dinner and I was studying in my room (at my host family’s home in Antigua), when I felt this massive rumble. I saw the mirror on my wall shake and sway and I also noticed the water in my glass started to shift from side to side. I thought….was that what I THINK it was????? Immediately, I texted my teammate, Alisha, to see if she felt/hear something too since her host home was close to mine. Within 15 seconds both my teammates confirmed they felt it too! it was our first official “earthquatke”!! (I know I probably shouldn’t be excited about it, but it was kind of exciting… a no-one-got hurt-kind of way.

My teammate, Hannah, described it well. She said it felt like a train was passing outside her door. It only lasted about a few seconds, but it was such a weird feeling! Now that I’ve experienced one, I’m ok not to do it again…I realize the implications of earthquakes and I do not desire the devastation that can come with it. But, this was definitely a “first” I just had to share!!!

Ps-“guatever” is truly symbolic of the laid-back attitude here in Guatemala. I really do enjoy the pace here!



  1. Glad the quake wasn’t too bad. Guess what. We had an earthquake up here also! It was in OK, but could be felt as far as Dallas…CRAZY!

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