Posted by: susankayjones | October 5, 2010

mail….i don’t hate it.

so…to date, i have received a letter and a small package since being in guatemala and let me tell you….it has been SO fun and encouraging!!!

not sure what it is about actually getting a piece of mail, but i feel like a kid at camp when i get a letter here: so giddy and anxious to tear it open! (which also makes me realize to do NOT miss the loads of junk mail i would trash everyday in the States!) i’ve always been a “words girl”, so seeing the hand-written words of a friend are just good for my soul.

if you would like to mail me a card, letter or small package, i wouldn’t hate it! today was actually the first day i really had twinges of sadness over missing family and friends. it’s not overwhelming…just a twinge. i’m committing to focus on the Lord’s sovereign hand in my journey and trust Him throughout all the twists, turns and even “twinges”!

(side note: avoid mailing boxes…they will likely be WAY too expensive to mail as my mom learned the hard way. small envelopes seem to be a good route)

here is my address:

Casa de Libertad
Susan Jones
Km 13.1 Carretera a El Salvador
Centro Commercial Metro Plaza, Local 2A
Puerta Parada, Guatemala

the mail system can be unpredictable here, so if you have mailed me something, but i haven’t received it yet…don’t fear…i’m sure it’s on its way! it doesn’t appear to take very long for something to make it to guatemala, but it does take a while for it to actually get to me once its here.



  1. Hey Su!

    Congrats on passing! Looking forward to talking on Sunday evening.

    Love you!

  2. Great postings! I’m just now getting caught up on your last couple of blogs. Thank you for keeping us up to date with all that’s going on in your life. Your time in Antigua has been fruitful and I’m excited about your upcoming move to your new home in Guate. Talk to you soon.

  3. Aww, this makes me think of that amazing package you sent to me in Botswana. That meant so much to me!

    Have you thought about posting a wish list on your blog? Many people found that helpful when I did it…just a suggestion. 🙂

    Miss you! So excited at what’s still to come for you!

  4. Susan Kay!
    I love all of this, so proud of all your espanol. I’m anxious for the day to arrive when I can see all of this for myself!

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