Posted by: susankayjones | October 3, 2010

escuela—semanas tres and cuatro

the last two weeks of language school have definitely been both more difficult and more rewarding.

first…after LOTS of homework and studying…

i passed the exam for Grado A and started Grado B!

i’ve been working hard in Grado B and hope to take my exam THIS WEEK to make it to Grado C! stay tuned…

another fun thing was celebrating independence day (sept. 15).  this is one of the many “torch runs” that i saw around the city…

also, our school hosted a guatemalan fashion show with different types of dress from different departments of Guatemala (Guatemala is divided into departments..similar to the US states).

also, i have continued to discover some of the most precious places to study.

can you believe the the picture below was taken at a mcdonalds????yes…that’s right…it has an amazing courtyard area with breathtaking views! you better believe “i’m lovin it”! 🙂

these are some shots around antigua…there are gorgeous historic buildings and ruins everywhere. and guatemala’s climate allows it to have flowers year round! so pretty!

this is the big market in antigua that sells TONS of fruits, vegetables, oversized watch clocks, mario dolls, underwear…you know…the essentials.

so…that about sums up my last 2 weeks. school, studying and getting life in order here.

we have ONE more week of language school left, and then we’ll be in guatemala city permanently. it will be nice to end the commuting back and forth on the weekends, but we wouldn’t have traded this opportunity for anything!



  1. it’s so beautiful! congrats on passing to grade b. good work!

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