Posted by: susankayjones | September 19, 2010

escuela–semanas uno y dos

the last two weeks, language school has actually been a ton of fun for me. i really enjoyed getting back into the swing of studying, learning, taking notes….etc. partly, this is because i love office supplies, and i get to use some new ones I brought with me :)…but mostly it is because with each new thing that I learn, i know it is going to help me communicate better. and THAT is why i’m here!

this is my “classroom” (cute notebook courtesy of the weimers :))

the school is truly beautiful. it is completely open air and has the prettiest little courtyard/square.

we  have one on one instruction…which has been such a blessing. there’s something nice about knowing you can go at your own pace, ask questions whenever you want to, make mistakes without the entire world listening and go “off topic” when something outside of the curriulum piques your interest.

csa’s (christian spanish academy) slogan is “a handmade education”….and they truly live up to their mantra.

my teacher’s name is orqui (pronounced or-key, and short for orquidia). she is awesome! we were told in training this summer to pray for our language helpers, and so i did. it’s been so fun to meet the person i’ve been praying for and to discover that we are actually quite similar.

every morning, we read out of the bible. (in spanish, of course). and when i say “we”….i mean, “i”. orqui says it’s good pronunciation practice! it’s been so fun to read each morning with her and then discuss scripture. orqui is a believer, and has a strong relationship with God. we have mutually encouraged each other with God’s Truth! what an unexpected blessing!!!

i really enjoy learning spanish…and have been encouraged by my comprehension so far. what i need alot of help with is my pronunciation and memorization of vocab!!! this coming tuesday, it looks like i will be taking an exam to “graduate” to the second level of curriculum. we finished “grado a” on friday, will review tomorrow and then hopefully will start “grado b” once i pass the examen. PRAY!!!!!!!!! 🙂

i posted pictures in a previous post of antigua. the city of antigua is absolutely precious! the pictures don’t do it justice….but everywhere you turn there is something that is so quaint, historic and absolutely precious! it is such a fun city to explore during language school. cobblestone streets, cafes that have “secret” gardens you can’t see from the road, gorgeous views of the mountatins and a volcano named “agua”, flowers, markets and old, colorful houses/stores/restaurants everywhere you look. it’s a city to add to your “to visit” lists to be sure!!!



  1. so glad things are going well and so glad you are where you belong for this season. and i totally hear you on office supplies…it is a love i share.

    grace and peace to you!


  2. Really enjoying the journey without all the spanish homework! Blessings Sister!

  3. YOU ARE GETTING TO USE YOUR POST ITS!!!!!! YES!!!!!!!! AND PENS…I AM SURE YOU DO NOT REGRET PACKING THOSE THOUSANDS OF THEM. 🙂 Hope you do great on your exam, I know you will! Love!!

  4. Love all of the pictures. Looks and sounds like you are doing well. I am so happy for you and will continue to pray for your language school. Side note: Zach was laughing at me last night because I was reading a book to Ava that has Spanish in it and I mispronounced LOTS of words, but I continually mispronounced pajaro. You will have to come read books to Ava when you get back 🙂

  5. Gosh, the pictures of school TOTALLY remind me of being in school in Spain – it looked exactly like that, courtyard and all! Know that I’m praying for your time learning – for your mind to absorb and understand and enjoy the language. So so glad to hear you’re loving it! You’re spreading the joy of the Lord everywhere you go! 🙂

    Te amo!

  6. Thanks for your update. So good to hear more about your school and class – and to see pictures! Helps me to envision where you and the team are each day. Praying for you regularly.

  7. It is so exciting that spanish school is going well.

  8. Hey your notebook looks great in your classroom!
    Missing you!

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