Posted by: susankayjones | September 3, 2010

worship retreat

on monday, a group of people from casa de libertad, as well as other churches in the area headed up to a coffee plantation to participate in a worship retreat.

it was amazing.

first of all…worship leaders from The Village Church (michael bleecker, jeff capps, john warren) were the ones who led us both in singing and teaching. it was such a treat to be with familiar faces (even though we’ve only been here a few days :)). i mean, really…how often are you in another country and get to experience your “home” worship pastors leading you in worship? what a blessing!

second…can we talk about how beautiful this place is? it is in the family of our pastors at casa de libertad, and it is a retreat in every sense of the word. my senses were on overload taking in the breathtaking scenery, gorgeous flowers, smell of good food cooking, etc. you can’t help but feel relaxes at “los humitos”-name of the plantation.

third…the teaching and fellowship were so encouraging. we learned about biblical worship in every sense of the word. it was such solid, convicting teaching….and i sensed that it was a blessing to the others in attendance as well! the people at the retreat were all so warm and welcoming. i had the best time getting to know many of the casa de libertad members. they are awesome and will be fast friends, i’m sure! we were all really encouraged by connecting with others at the retreat and can’t wait to “do life” with them once we settle into our roles here after language school.

all in all…the retreat was amazing! here are some pictures….don’t be too jealous :)…



  1. Well I am jealous! What a beautiful place! I’m sure it was a treat to be with your worship pastors. What a great start to your journey! Praying for language school nest week. Love hearing about your days. Love you, Mom

  2. O.K. I’m definitely feeling a “call” since I’ve seen the pics!! Love you.

  3. What beautiful pictures! Awesome 🙂

  4. Thank you for sharing the pics! The land is beautiful! I wish I was there to share it with you. Praying for you and love you bunches! Love, Steph

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