Posted by: susankayjones | August 27, 2010


it is nearly impossible to convey in words how unbelievably blessed i have been by the support i have received in the last 5 days. the best word i can think of to describe it….FULL!

yes, sure i’ve been eating  alot :)…but this filling is more of a FULFILLING… of my soul. i have had my mom and sister here this week…in addition to my “other” mom and sisters. their sacrificial service this week has afforded me extra time to get things done and visit friends, and also cared for me when i was sick on tuesday!

i have had such sweet times with them, and also great friends here in dallas. fellowship has been sweet, but their prayers over me have been even sweeter. the church commissioning service was wednesday, and it was phenomenal! i can not imagine feeling more loved, cared for and supported. it truly made me honored to be part of the village church.

my favorite part of the commissioning was when groups of people gathered around our team (individually) to pray over us. we prayed specific prayers for the gospel to go forth, for team unity, for humility… but the last time we prayed was an experience i will always cherish. the entire room was praying out loud in a “holy roar”…and i simply wept as i literally felt the prayers of the saints. i could hear random words here and there and just agreed with them in silence…knowing that every word was heard by God. what a special, special night!

as i leave tomorrow, i continue to have mixed emotions, but mostly, i’m excited.

i’m ready…it’s time….and i am full.




  1. Oh, thank you Lord. I have been praying specifically over you time of departure. I love you Susan, and I am so excited to walk with you through each point that God brings you! He has made you, He will carry you, and He will sustain you until you are old and gray! Love, Steph

  2. praying for you!

  3. We are praying for you as you leave! Sounds like quite an experience of your support team praying for you all.
    We love you!
    Doni and fam

  4. i LOVED seeing you and spending time with you this week…can’t wait to hear how the “hello” in Guate goes! Muchisimos besos, guapa!

  5. You have made it to Guat by now!!! It was fantastic getting to see you this week. Love you…skype date soon…when you get settled let’s put something on the calendar!

  6. I was so sad to see this pic b/c I wasn’t there!! But looks like you were loved well. I miss you already and can’t wait to keep reading about your journeys there.
    Love you.

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