Posted by: susankayjones | August 23, 2010

how to love me from afar…

throughout this entire journey, i have felt so blessed by friends and family who have supported, loved, encouraged and refined me. we’re a team! i am absolutely not going alone…i carry you with me!

because we’re a team…i though you might like to know how to love and encourage me from afar!

here is a short list of things that encourage my heart:

1. knowing that you are praying for me/thinking of me

2. commenting on my blog—-just to let me know people are actually reading it! 🙂

3. Facebook messages

4. hearing about your life—even if you don’t feel like you have anything to share! letting me know about little johnny’s soccer team or how your job is going lets me continue to be a part of your life!

5. hearing what the Lord is doing in your life…what you are learning…any Scripture that is particularly encouraging to you

6. knowing how i can pray for you

7. snail mail :)…maybe isn’t the most efficient, but still fun!!! we are sending mail through the church:  

Casa de Libertad
Susan Jones
Km. 13.1 Carretera a El Salvador
Centro Comercial Metro Plaza, Local 2A
Puerta Parada, Guatemala

8. SKYPE! let’s talk! my skype name is susan.jones712

9. e-mails—and pictures (especially those of you with kiddos! they grow so fast!)

10. pray, pray, pray!!!!



  1. Gotcha! I will be adding your skype name! I hope you are ready and are prepared as well as you can be. We will really miss you! love you so!

  2. love you!
    praying lots for you this week

    and I was the first to comment, YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS

  3. I don’t know you personally, but am a covenant member at the Dallas campus who found your blog via the post on the missions blog on the church website. I love knowing about the missionaries from our church and am looking forward to reading about your journey!

  4. Thinking of you and so excited where God is taking you spiritually & geographically! You will be in our thoughts & prayers. Love you!

  5. This is more of a confession that I’m subscribed and don’t miss an issue of “the journey” than a comment. You are amazing! Email me a good fridge pic so us Powells can talk about you at dinner all the time.

  6. Have kept up with your comings and goings through Emily. We have such a heart for South America so I understand the “call” to be there. Our love is the country of Peru and those who live around Chosica. Know that we are praying for you Sweetie and consider it an honor to do that. And on a purely secular note here, Susan you grow more and more beautiful with each year. God is richly filling you with Himself and your radiance is gorgeous. Love you, Betty Warren

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