Posted by: susankayjones | August 18, 2010

the final countdown…

as i write, i have 9 days left in the states before heading to guatemala! crazy!

the question i am asked almost daily is, “are you just SO excited?”

the answer? yes!

the full answer? i’m feeling so many things…excited, dreading goodbyes, ready, apprehensive, confident, fearful…you name it. already, i am living in the paradox that i’m told will become the “new normal” for me.

i can only imagine that this sense of paradox is  a mere fraction of what i will feel when i am actually separated from things that have typically brought me comfort. but…i ultimately feel resolved in my desire and calling to GO!

i’m finishing out my time in tennessee this week and returning to dallas on saturday. please pray for the next 9 days—that goodbyes will be healthy, not hindering and that final details will fall into place. there is SO much to do to move to another country! 🙂

if you’re in dallas, please note the commissioning service at the village church (flower mound campus) on wednesday the 25th at 6:30 p.m. would love to see you!



  1. SO ready for you to be in Dallas! Can’t wait for Sunday night!

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