Posted by: susankayjones | August 7, 2010


i love anniversaries.

call me a sap, but i really enjoy reliving memories of great moments in life…they’re like snapshots of God’s gracious love for us. the Old Testament is filled with examples of “rememberances”….things that would remind the Israelites of whose they were…and who they served.

i think anniversaries can do the same for us.

sometimes, they are joyful memories. birthdays, marriage, joyous events.

sometimes, though…the anniversaries we remember are painful. deaths, losses, regrets.

but still…in all of these “anniversaries”….are they not reminders of whose we are? that even in the pain and joys of life, we are HIS. HE is ours. we serve HIM, not our own happiness. HE has remained faithful throughout all of it?

i have joyful and painful anniversaries…some from my life and  some from the the lives of friends.  though life gets more painful as we get older, He truly sustains, provides, heals, rejoices, generously gives and ordains all of it.

so much of my life right now is described as paradoxical. i feel like this season (particularly my time in colorado) will be remembered with both fondness and sorrow. fondness because it provided me with many new mission-hearted friends with whom i will forever be bonded. and sorrow, knowing it was a special season for that appointed time only, and it had to end.

still…i am grateful for a new “anniversary” to celebrate!


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