Posted by: susankayjones | August 1, 2010


first off…sorry for not blogging in a while!

here’s what i’ve been up to lately…

the last two weeks have had definite highs and lows. since leaving colorado and MTI, i have continued to miss my friends and the mountains incredibly deeply, but it has been truly joyful to connect with friends in dallas, arkansas and the carolinas! i suppose this is just a taste of the paradox i will find myself living in come august 27—both sense of loss and gain simultaneously.

i’m spending time with my family the next few weeks—a much needed and cherished respite from the chaos of preparing to move. i still have loose ends to tie up, but i am definitely making headway!

here are a few pics from some visits with friends the last 2 weeks:

this past friday, my friend and i trail blazed a path from the lake shore to the top of the mountain for one of the most amazing views!


trailblazing….like most great things in life…come with a price! my legs took a beating…but it was totally worth it! 🙂

BTW…the countdown is ON!!! we leave in 26 days!!!



  1. Thanks for posting. Glad to hear how you are doing as you prepare to leave. Departure date will be here before you know it.

  2. Glad to hear you’re having a fun time! Praying for you!

    Love you and see you again soon!

  3. Been swamped with MORE training, so I am just getting caught up. It’s great reliving the last days at MTI through your blog. Well-said.

    Love and miss you. And look forward to our next hello (I’m tired of good-byes for now). Maybe just TIRED. 🙂

    Enjoy this time.

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