Posted by: susankayjones | July 14, 2010

SPLICE day 13 (the day “TCK” became part of my vocab)

well…surprisingly, i found myself up yet again at 5:30 for another hike! this time, we hiked ben lomand…a really rocky mountain. it was awesome! here are some pics:

our session today was about integrating TCKs and MKs into our team/ministry. TCK=third culture kid, or, a kid who spent a significant part of their developmental years in another culture(s) not their own. therefore, they adapt and live in the framework of “third culture”, which is a blending of all the cultures they have experienced. TCKs can be military children, diplomat children, missionary children… which MK refers specifically to the missionary/ministry child. technically, they should be MTCKs.

it was really interesting to hear about the unique struggles and freedoms these children typcially experience. i am sure i will interact with TCKs in guatemala, and i was glad to how important it is to invest in them/include them in ministry!

over lunch, my “growth group” spent time encouraging one another through areas of character we see in each other. what a blessing these women are. i have gained 6 friends who will for sure be a support system for me throughout my lifetime in missions…and i for them!



  1. Susan, I am catching up on your blog and just saw your TCK/MK posting. YEA!! I LOVE whoever decided to make this part of your training. From a TCK, thanks for thinking this is important! I am praying for you and can’t wait for more updates!!

    • hey jenny! i hope you’re doing well this summer!!! training was awesome, as you can see. and yes…i thought the lesson on TCK/MK was so interesting. helped me to “understand” their framework a little better!!!

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