Posted by: susankayjones | July 14, 2010

SPLICE day 11 (the day of my birth)

so, monday was my birthday, and i felt VERY loved with all the cards, packages, letters, texts, phone calls, facebook messages, etc. and that was just the people outside training.

here, we celebrated joint birthdays for me and two of my classmates: doni and cece, and the anniversay of a couple in our class. then, monday night a group of us went to dinner at an awesome italian restaurant down the road. it was amazing.

i have truly pondered how blessed i have felt through God’s provision of such a large support network, who love me and support me. it’s humbling, really. i do not deserve it, but i am so grateful for it.

monday we discussed crossing cultures and participated in more role play. each scene introduced a topic, about which we then processed as a group. basically, the point was to help us see how our culture has defined our values…and how oftentimes that can leek over into our “theology” of what is right and wrong.

three basic premises: different is not wrong; different is maybe wrong; different is wrong. all exist overseas. surprisingly, navigating between them isn’t as clear cut as you think. this exercise really helped to show us that we truly will need to rely on God and the Holy Spirit to discern wisdom regarding cross cultural living/situations.



  1. happy birthday susan!

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